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More options for WhatsApp

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WhatsApp PLUS
WhatsApp PLUS is a simple app that lets users customize even more aspects of WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.

Thanks to WhatsApp PLUS, users can select from loads of different color palettes and backgrounds to decorate their WhatsApp conversations.

To access all this new content you just have to open your options in WhatsApp and select ‘PLUS’. Once inside this improved version, you’ll be able to change your settings as desired and even customize conversations with each of your contacts.

WhatsApp PLUS is a very interesting alternative to the traditional WhatsApp, and lets you give a personal and unique touch to your conversations.


To install WhatsApp PLUS you MUST NOT have any previous version of WhatsApp already installed.

WhatsApp PLUS may cause problems with custom ROMs, and is thus advisable not to have any installed on your device.

If you receive the message ‘The date of the device is incorrect. Adjust your clock and try again’, you will need to update your version of WhatsApp.

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Opinions about WhatsApp PLUS


 how to get online status next to Whatsapp icon back?

In the chat list screen, on the top left where the Whatsapp icon is, you would normally see your name (I believe) and your online status/last seen underneath it, where in the settings do I go to get that back? I've been fiddling around with the app for a good while now, but still can't find it.

By tanvirh5 2 hours ago

 No comments

By yogita 7 hours ago

 could not install

im getting an existing package with same name with conflicting signature is already installed... wt should i have to do now

By mounika 1 day ago

 SMS Verification/Call me failing

SMS verification failed. Please try voice verification. 1-Uninstall Clean Master App if you use it (I don't) 1-Uninstall Whatsapp 2-Install original Whatsapp from Play Store 3-Go through the setup into the main conversation screen and chat with some friends 4-Uninstall original Whatsapp and now install Whatsapp For the Voice verification: When i tap on Call me, it returns "Unable to connect. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again. Please reboot your phone if your... Read more

By ai2fly 3 weeks ago · Answers (1)

 whatsapp plus crashes

Since the last 2-3 updates, everytime i open my whatsapp plus, it crashes. It shows message as: "whatsapp is not responding do you want to close?" and it has two buttons: wait and ok! I click on wait always. This happens with group messages and individual chats also. But this problem needs to be resolved. Please help. I use sony xperia T with sufficient RAM and space on my phone

By devangvedant 4 weeks ago
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Questions about WhatsApp PLUS


 App not installed

its showing "an existing package by the same name with conflicting signature is already installed" how can i overcome dis and get installed

By mounika 1 day ago

 Could not install whatsapp

Hello, i have LAVA IRIS X1 has pre-installed whatsapp in it...but when i try to install whatsapp on my mobile, it says "app not installed" and then getting exit..Help me!! i luv the version of whatsapp in my friend's mobile , but its embarassing me in this case!! :(

By pethuraj 1 month ago

 I'm unable to download the whatsapp plus. i tried it with my mobile(galaxy grand) and my laptop but it downloads till 10 to 13 mb then downloading stops in both the devices...

I'm unable to download the whatsapp plus. i tried it with my mobile(galaxy grand) and my laptop but it downloads till 10 to 13 mb then downloading stops in both the devices...

By saumit 1 month ago
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